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-Best Student Blog:

Hello fellow bloggers,

I know that the edublog contest is here for the best student blog. I know there are a lot of blogs that are awesome, but the one that stood out the most to me was Sionra`s blog. Her blog looks like she is clearly talking to us. Her post are so from the ordinary, and she has many different post. There is a post on dogo news, and it is very interesting!!!!!

It is about a Russian fisherman that catches a fish with human teeth. I know you want to hear more, but it is up to you to come and visit her blog. She is also the best artist that I have known. If you visit her site, there is a comic on Thief is Bad (internet manners comic) She drew this with Sofia colored pencilpaint. Paint on the computer, cant you believe it. She draws without any trouble, and is addicted to 5 Nights at Freddy`s. It is creepy, so don’t read the post about Freddy if you are a scardy cat like me!!!!!!

I wont tell you more you should go see her blog if you are interested. I nominate her for all the things I said bellow. Here is her blog link, go visit, and quick : Have fun on her blog!!!!


Best New Student Blog:

So, I just saw that there was also a contest for the new bloggers. I am a new blogger, but I have to nominate someone else. I think that the best new blogger blog is Edwards blog. I nominate him because his blog is very interesting. He is just like Sionra, it is like he is talking to us. His vocabulary is different from other people and also, his posts are like sticky tack. If I start reading a post, I cant stop reading it. He likes computers  a lot,  so if you are interested in computers, he can give you good advice!!!Also, if you are looking for an ideal school, go check out his blog, because he will tell you about the perfect school for himself. And it might as well interest you too!!! Anyways, here is his blogSofia Online address: Be careful, if you go to his blog, you might not be able to stop reading his posts 🙂




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Pencil Crayons Picture: MichaelMaggs


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