I Am Taking Over My BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1024px-Cat_Mitzi_2Fellow bloggers, guess what?? I probably think you guessed by the title. And YES I am TAKING OVER MY BLOG!! Because school is over in 11 days precisely, our teacher is giving us a password so that we can go on it at home.

When I am going to take over my blog, you will see a big change. It would be all about cool stuff. In other words, about my world. Ill have opinions about sportsFootball_Pallo_valmiina-cropped, animals and plenty of stuff like that. (Isn’t she annoying, she always says STUFF) Thanks Chelsea. Anyways, back on track, I would type on my blog as often as possible, only if you guys support me thought. And I am sure you will.

So if you are looking for a blog that will entertain you, you landed on the perfect spot. If you would like me to do a certain blog post, just comment it done below!! Feel free.

I have never really been technical. Even when I started blogging I never really was able to tag, put some pictures, and also add links.

By the way, my arm is so much better. Time flew. I don’t have my cast anymore, but I have to wear a special thing, so it can heal a little bit.

Blogging in grade 6 was fantastic, but you will see, it will be even more interesting. Have a fun last week of school. AND DONT FORGET TO BLOG! ALSO COMMENT!!!!!!!

Are you continuing blogging, even if you are going to highschool? Or are you ending your blog?

Comment some ideas for blogging post!!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Soccer ball: Pallo_valmiina.jpg: Christopher Bruno

Cat: Chenspec

This Is My Last Year…

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

This is a sad story. The story of Sofia Online last year in Elementary. The story that will make everybody cry. It is my last year blogging.


JUST KIDDING!!!!! I totally got you. I got you I got you. You totally believe me didn’t you!

it is my last year blogging in Elementary. That means, no more school stuff, just fun stuff!! This is going to be awesome, right Chelsea (Right Sofia)

If you don’t know who Chelsea is (Of course they do) Its the person who is talking in the brackets. (I’m sure they knew that right!) Anyways, She helps me write. (Ya, every post is created by me!) Not all of them! So, ya she might be annoying sometimes like today, but she is a really good writer! ( I am the best writer in the world!!! ) So, all this to say that, I am going to be writing more with Chelsea because the exams are OVER!!!!!!

Did you do some exams? Tell me all about it in the comments below!!

Im Back For More!! :)

Hello my fellow bloggers that I missed so much!!!!!!!:(

I am so sorry for my lack of blogging in the latest  months. Because of the big minister exams, we haven’t had enough time to come blogging. I have so much to tell you guys.

First of all, I appreciate everyone all my friends that come and leave comments. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

I have good news and bad news, what do you want to hear first?? You would probably want to hear the bad news. So, in soccer because you guys probably all know that I LOVE soccer, anyways, a girl pushed me and I landed on my arms and it hurt so much is was in pain…….getting to the point that I BROKE MY ARM!!! The left one is broken which is ok to me because I wouldn’t want to write my exams with my left hand. My cast is blue. I really wanted blue because I will have it for 4 weeks, and my soccer team is blue, so I can encourage them. 😉

The good news is…………..ITS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!! (Almost summer Sofia) Right ALMOST summer. Anyways, its no good news to you guys you should be like well for me it is a gift! I can eat popsicles, go in the pool etc….

JUST KIDDING!! That was not my good news, my good news is, for our graduation field trip, we are going to La Ronde!!!!!!! I am so excited because I WAS scared of roller coasters, and now, I am not scared at all, so I am going to do the goliath with: Beatrice, Florence, Elena, Bonnie, and Calvin. Its going to be great. Plus I am not nervous at all. (Don’t lie I know you are nervous) I am NOT nervous, not at all!! (Right) Yes right! (I don’t think your bloggers want to hear our conversation, so we will do it later!) oh ya. sorry bloggers, she’s always like that! (No I`m n0t you little………) See ya got to handle a problem! (Hey why did you cross my writing, ill get you back) BYE!!

IF your arm was broken, what color cast would you pick?

If you had to go on a graduation field trip, where would you go??

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Why Isn’t Danica blogging??

Hey everyone,

Haven’t you notice that Danica hasn’t been blogging?? Well, if you did, don’t be worry, she isn’t gone for ever, she just went to Fiji for two weeks. She`ll be back next week. I know how you feel, I cant wait to hear about the experience over at Fiji. I miss my classmate so much!! I cant wait to see her be tan while I’m probably all white!Sofia Online danica

Here is her link! : http://danicaonline.edublogs.org/

Hurry up Danica, we miss you!!


Almost Done….

Hey Everyone!

Ok, for a science fair update, I just wanted to tell you guys that I have my board, the trifold board for usual science fairs.

I still need to have the group of kids for the test. I didn’t do it yet. With my teachers, and my bloggers. I did this with my brother, it worked OK.

I also need to decorate my board. My board is white so I can put basically every color except white. I need to put mysofia data, hypothesis, and everything of the science fair on that board.

NOTE* this is a note to all you bloggers, I just wanted to tell you that the science fair is not the 26 March; it’s the 2 of April. That’s why I am taking my time more!

Someone, please tell me how to arrange my boards I have a hard time trying to  glue things so that

it looks ok.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia commons

Brain: Wyglif

Hurry up!!

Hey fellow bloggers,

Aren’t you tired of winter. Snow is everywhere now, and I cant do the things I like. Spring is in a week, yes the 21st is spring, well suppose to be. We have snow here 3 meters. (Ok, calm down Sofia) Not 3 meters maybe 1. (That’s better!) Still, snow is everywhere!!! I’m going to move to California if this doesn’t stop!! No not true, I love my province. I just cant wait to take out my roller blades and skate board and my new bike I got last year! Yah! Its new, because I got it late in August.  Still, I cant wait to go outside in a vest and shoes!! I just cant wait. I would be ready to run a marathon for spring to come back. (SOFIA!!!) Ok fine, sorry, but I would still like for spring to come as fast as possible. Sofia onlinePhoto Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Spring Photo: Yathin S Krishnappa


We Are Almost Done…..

Hey there!!!

You know the experiment that I have been talking about that is Does age affect Memory? Well today I have to rap it up because the science fair is the 26 march. So I will tell you EVERYTHING that I need to do before the Science Fair.

*First of all I have to go  Dollarama, or a simple dollar store to by my poster for the Science Fair. And that will be done this weekend, for sure!

* All my materials are at home, I don’t need to worry about THEM!! 🙂 Continue reading


ART!!! Ok  I will show you right now. Immediately. Instantly. Directly. Right Away. (Ok I think they understand)

UntitledAWESOME RIGHT!! I bet that you cant do that (even if you probably can). If you can, post a picture like that on your blog, and leave me a comment saying your link on your blog, telling me that you have been able to do the same thing as me. But, it doesn’t have to be the same color.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Photo Credit: I did it alone!!

If Your Tubing|You’ll Be Screaming!!!!

Sofia oNline2Hey fellow bloggers,

You might be wondering why I haven’t blogged yesterday.

Well, if you have read Corey`s post, then you must know.

But if you didn’t, let me tell you all about it. You will LOVE!!

Our bus rumbled at our destination. From our school to there, it took about 1hour and 30 minutes. I was tired. In the bus I sat next to Beatrice. Next to us, there was Florence and Elena. In front of me and Beatrice, there was Tom and Rajesh, and next to them there was Calvin and Sean. As we got out of the noisy bus with our tickets glued to a zipper on our jacket (Like any normal skiing passes) we headed to a special place were we could put our back packs and lunch boxes. We then RAN over to get black Sofia online 1tubes!!

(They looked exactly like that at the left. The reason there was a rope with a  big round thing at the end. It was to put it on the chair lifts. If you want  a clearer picture, go see Roxy’s site.)


Back to the story. We went on many hills, and man at the top of the hills pushed us so hard, I had to hold my hat on because or else, it would have fallen off. Anyhow, Beatrice, Elena, Florence, and I stuck together for the first half of lunch. We went rafting, which is a ride that you can be 4 in one big yellow tube, also known as “The yellow boat” But, we had to wait in line 1 hour. IT WAS LONG,  BUT IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!! The guy at the top, turned us so fast, once at the bottom, we were so dizzy that we kept on falling on the floor.  We were too hungry to do another slide, so we went to eat. As we were getting into the refuge, a teacher gave us a coupon for hot chocolate. That chocolate was so good!! We didn’t want to waste anytime so we hurried up and stuff as many food as we could into our mouths. Then we head back outside. Once on our 2 ride of the afternoon, Calvin and Sean came and join us. we had a lot of fun time with the boys because they made us do more daring stuff that we were scared of. Once on the ride back home, we were a little bit hyper because candy was in our hands, and mostly mouths. On the bus, after our hyperness, we started playing together and talking about things. Danica, FlorenceRoxy and Ariana had a really hard disscusson about our day.

Time for the truth. Now if you have read only the first few sentences and you only wanted to know where I was talking was, well, you better read EVERYTHING!!

The place I went to is… drum rolls please!!! Continue reading

If I Had A Pet It Would Be….


Hi fellow bloggers,

If you guys, (Sofia, don’t say guys, what if it was a girl) Fine then. If you PEOPLE are reading this post and have a pet or pets, please comment below the type, male or female the name the animal EVERYTHING!!!

You might be wondering why I am doing this, I want to see the most popular pet.

Mine would be these:

Beagle puppy!!golden labrador SOFIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Longhaired_Dachshund_puppies Sofia





I CANT DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SOOO CUTE. Please tell me which one I should chose!!


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Longhaired Dachshund: Flickr upload bot

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle: Pocketbeagle

Golden Retriever: Skipper112